An Absense of Yard Work

I haven’t done any this year. None. Things need to be cut back and weeded and raked and I’ve just… I don’t know. I realize that it’s kind of residual from the flood, just this feeling that, no matter how much work you put into something, something’s going to fuck it up.

But now we have two huge branches down in the back yard. And I was more interested in how it’s going to change the light back there than in how we’re going to get them cleaned up.

I’m also still struggling like a motherfucker with this pitch for the Sue thing.

But I moved some stuff along with Project X, which I’m just feeling like Sisyphus about. And I got some other crap with another piece done. So, I guess things are kind of progressing apace.

Basically, I just had a nice weekend with the dog, who was being a big cuddle bunny and who stupidly tried to eat a banana. For a dog who obviously doesn’t have much experience in houses (though he seems to be housebroken after a few early accidents), he’s a very good chore companion. He likes to be in the kitchen when you’re cooking. He walked out with me to put some stuff on the line and walked back out with me to get it off the line and then he kept me company while I changed my sheets and made my bed.