Wanted: My Nerve

My main problem with my pitch for the Sue thing is that I’ve lost my nerve. I just don’t have the “fuck yeah, you want to read this thing I wrote” attitude that one needs to have in order to write the “and here’s why” portion.

And I’m not quite sure how to get it back. But I’m trying a little longer walk in the morning. I’ve got to jolt myself out of this terrible self-doubt, so maybe shake up my routine.

But I’m just bad at this whole side of writing–submitting things, being rejected, and still feeling confident enough in my skills to submit some more.

And yet, the thing is that I want to write things that entertain people. I want people to see my name and look forward to reading what I’ve put there for them. And some day, I want someone to say “I love this manuscript and I want to make it a book.” And I don’t want that someone to have to be me.

5 thoughts on “Wanted: My Nerve

  1. Didn’t you have reviewers? Ask someone else to write the pitch. You already did the hard work.

  2. My suggestion exactly. Have someone else write the first pitch and then you can say “Well, yes…but what I really liked and wanted to emphasize is….” and then you get some clarity. The pitch is what paralyzes me as well — I think it’s a common obstacle.

  3. Oh, I was thinking about this earlier. Just remember how much more attractive confidence is coming at you so you must offer that to others, even if it’s a little fake in the first couple of drafts. I think recognizing that it’s nerve you’ve lost is just the thing you need to sit down, muster it up some, and type new sentences.

    Or send them to me (the bad ones too) and I’ll edit and send them back.

  4. I hope that this “Frank” business has helped with this. :-)

    Also, did you notice that the actors on IMDB are now listing on their profiles that they’re “Known for ‘Frank'”? You’re a “known for!” :-)

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