Nice Things

1. I saw some fonts for Project X. And one is amazing. It’s somehow both very ordinary looking and deliciously unsettling.

2. The maintenance guy here at work had to rescue me a while back because the elevator was broken and I couldn’t get up the stairs by myself. Yesterday, the elevator was also broken and so he was waiting around for me to get here so that he could take me up stairs. How nice is that?


4 thoughts on “Nice Things

  1. No, he didn’t. He does this thing that makes me think he might have more experience with this form of lunacy than he lets on because the second we get in the stairwell, he starts asking me questions and all the way up the stairs, even when I try to ask him questions in return, he just keeps asking questions so I keep talking. it’s very effective in keeping me from being all “FUUUUUCK NO!!!” in my head.

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