Up and Away, Kind of

On the one hand, mentally, I’m feeling a whole lot better. But physically, I’ve entered a new, unpleasant place where my eyes are watering continuously, my nose is stuffed up and, every time I sneeze, 147 tons of snot comes out with it. If we could use snot for energy, NES would be writing me a check this month instead of the usual way it goes.

But, in good news, I’ve started the thing, the process, I wanted to start. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And the Butcher made me cupcakes and they were delicious, but lord, that man cannot frost to save his life. I should have taken a picture. But it was like, well, if the frosting and the cupcake ended up in the same general vicinity, that counted as “frosted.”

And the dog was pretty well-behaved at the party, except that he kept throwing himself into the hip of the roller-derby gal who was there. And then he pooped and his behavior massively improved.

We also watched Red Lights which comes so close to being a good movie that I couldn’t help but feel sad for it that it had fallen short.

Back from the Dead

I’ve been sick. I’m still sick, but better than I was. Still, I am both so hot and so very, very cold.

And, since it’s the end of the month, I’m the asshole who’s going into work.