Wicked Smart?

Oh, you guys, just when I’m like “What am I doing with my life? Do the things I do even matter?” I read this:

For some years I’ve been a fan of Betsy Phillip’s writing, she’s wicked smart and has a razor sharp style and calls out BS for what it is. I’m sure some readers get a little uncomfortable with her honesty and her views since she doesn’t shrink away from tough issues. Her work at Pith In The Wind has been a must-read.

That is really lovely. I don’t feel very brave, but that paragraph makes me sound really bad-ass.

A Tiny Bit More on Armadillos

Apparently, when white people first encountered armadillos, there was a theory that they were armored rabbits.

Not just because of their ears, but apparently because armadillos have mad jumping skills.

I cannot wait for these guys to start hanging out in my yard where I can observe them more closely.