Failures in Cooking

This week I made chicken noodle casserole instead of tuna noodle casserole and it was a disaster. I’m not sure why, except apparently the chicken available to us up on the north side is just so fucking bland that it manages to suck the flavor out of surrounding food items. I don’t know. I seasoned the crap out of the meat and you’d be eating along, wondering, how is this so bland considering the amount of garlic in here? And then you’d occasionally hit a a pocket of flavor. It was as if all the flavor in the dish would pick a random noodle to cling to like a life raft and you’d hit that one noodle and be like “Ugh, too much, too much!” While all around it, even the other noodles touching it, would be like chewing on air.


4 thoughts on “Failures in Cooking

  1. The same way I always do. I think that’s the part that most befuddles me. If I’d tried something different… I mean, all I can think is that I left something really obvious out and I’m just not realizing it? But then why the weird pockets of flavor? I layer it–first noodles, then chicken, then veggies, then liquid, seasoning as I go. Then I give it a stir to make sure the liquid is distributed all the way through. Then I top with bread crumbs. It’s always worked before.

    I’m just going to chalk it up to really shitty chicken.

  2. You cook the chicken first, right? Did you do something different in that step this time? Because that’s the step where it ought to take on the most flavor.

  3. Yeah, now I’m wondering if I maybe seasoned the same side twice instead of seasoning both sides? That seems like it could explain all the “bland bland TOOO MUCH!” feeling of the dish.

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