Just an Evil Scientist’s Zombie Henchman Teaching a Gal to Drive a Truck

I’ve now seen a couple stills from “Frank.” I’m going to see if the director/producer minds me posting one of them here. I really hope this comes out in DVD or something so that when I’m feeling all down because no one wants to buy my stories, I can just rest my head on the movie of my story and remember that I at least did something once.

6 thoughts on “Just an Evil Scientist’s Zombie Henchman Teaching a Gal to Drive a Truck

  1. You guys know how much I love low-budget horror, so the fact that someone is making a low-budget horror movie based on my story is just so fucking awesome.

  2. Is it too early for you to suggest to the Nashville Film Festival people that they consider this new movie, based on a work by a Nashville author, for inclusion next year?

  3. Saving up now to buy the DVD and for a posh outfit to wear to the NFF premiere. Why shouldn’t it be a part of the NFF? Local author, locally filmed. As long as it’s the same quality as its source material (i.e., excellent), and I believe it will be, Frank certainly deserves a slot.

    Are you listening, kind Mr. Ridley who is our B’s boss at the Scene as well as a long-respected member of the Nashville film community and who also has a special love for horror movies? Hmmmm? Wink nudge?

  4. It would be so much fun! I wonder where famous horror authors buy their premiere outfits? I want to look like Morticia Addams.

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