Today my hair is totally doing… I don’t even know what. It’s huge and curly and has, so far, been caught in the seatbelt, caught in the door, and had some leafy bits caught in it.

Thus leading me to wonder how the little girl in Brave manages to run around with loose hair on horseback and not have a brambly mess.

4 thoughts on “Brave

  1. I forgot to mention it until reading this, dear one, but La Fishmouth and I went to see “Brave” and Merida came zooming out with that mane, the first thing I thought was “my goodness, did they use our B as the hair model and dye it?” :)

    Fishmouth admired Merida’s hair several times after the movie, but then she sighed and said, “It’s SO pretty, but I bet it takes forever to take good care of it.” I told her I wasn’t sure, but I figured lovely hair like that does require more effort than our shared straight, fine, short mops, which need a maximum of about 7 minutes each, including wash/condition/dry/arrange, before we’re out the door. Where we also get leaves and brambles and stuff in our hair, because we’re clumsy and don’t pay attention. ;D

  2. Disney/Pixar seems to be obsessed with hair.

    I’ve heard other people call out the impractical hair on most female heroes in fantasy/adventure/superhero type stuff. Put that next to the impractical wardrobe, the contorted bodies, and all the other weird stuff we saddle female heroes with.

    There’s a long conversation to be had about hair and femininity and fantasy/adventure fiction. That conversation would probably have to include Medusa from the Inhumans (not to mention the original Medusa).

    As the former owner of a longish, curly head of hair I can say it does indeed suck up a lot of time in the morning.

  3. I’m going to admit that, in my old age, I don’t do much with it. I don’t brush it except for once a week with conditioner in in the shower. I use mousse with a leave-in conditioner and I don’t dry it. I couldn’t get away with not drying it if I lived any farther north in the winter, but I take my pleasures here. Then I throw it into a braid when I get to work unless it’s up to something awe inspiring like yesterday. Then I just let it do what it wants.

    So, it doesn’t take me much time at all. I especially love to leave it down and let the wind whip it up into a frenzy.

    In Brave, when she had to wear that head-piece, I was like “There’s no way a girl with hair like that who likes to be out in the woods as much as she does wouldn’t have taken to that years ago!” I mean, it makes me wonder if I’d die of heatstroke if I wore a ski mask to garden in, because something like that that would keep your hair out of the way, even the little pieces that like to fly out of a braid, would be something.

    Elias, I’m now down a rabbit hole in my own head wondering about hair in fantasy/adventure fiction in men as a sign of virility and untamed-ness, and wondering if loose hair in women is intriguing to male artists because it’s both alluring and signals untamed-ness. I’m not really sure what the female equivalent of virility is, but it seems to be intriguing and frightening in our culture.

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