Man, that comment on that other post has me thinking about how Twisty Faster used to make such fun of that term–empowered. She’d call something, like, oh, say, women “being given the opportunity” to pay for their own birth control out of pocket instead of having it covered like any other prescription by their insurance as being an “empowerful” event. We women were going to be so empowered by all these opportunities (let’s call them “character-building obstacles”) that it would be better than simple, legal equality.

Empowered. At this point, it’s just the polite way of saying women need to be taught a lesson.

One thought on “Empowered

  1. ‘Empowered’ has been bugging me for a while, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Now I know.
    It’s one of those codes-like saying “not going to be PC” means “going to be rude/hateful”

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