Shooting Children

Apparently Lamar Alexander wants to send the national guard to secure our southern border to keep out the children flooding across. I don’t think you should send a person with a gun anywhere you don’t expect that person with a guy to shoot someone. So, is that the message Alexander wants to send? Send your children here and we’ll slaughter them at the border?

There’s pandering to your base and then there’s acting like a psycopath. You can guess what side of the line I think sending soldiers to block the ways of children is on.

One thought on “Shooting Children

  1. Those kids remind me of my great-uncles, sent off together as teenagers to escape threats of persecution and massacres back home, and of my grandmother, sent off to join them a couple of years later at age 15, because things were even more dangerous for a girl. This country took them in, and thanks to that, I exist.

    So Lamar would have sent my great-uncles and my grandmother home, where their cousins (who were not sent to America) developed kwashiorkor over the next few years, in the unrest following the First World War. Or he would have shot them, which I guess would have kept them from being shot by the Nazis in their 40s, like the rest of the relatives who didn’t make it over here. Thanks, Lamar!

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