Bethbirei Cemetery

I will give you a dollar if you can explain what’s going on in this cemetery.


4 thoughts on “Bethbirei Cemetery

  1. Is it unusual that it has a Hebrew name like that? I realize it’s picked up from the Bible, but still…

  2. It seems unusual to me. I haven’t encountered another cemetery with that name. On the other hand, there aren’t very many cemeteries this old in the state, so it could be that it was not unusual among Christians of a certain age (meaning those born in 1750).

  3. I’m not sure if I am more amused that the world’s largest cedar bucket 2.0 is surrounded by a fence that appears to have hand-sized openings so it is not very arson proof or that the log house has window air conditioning. Either way it looks like a cool trip.

  4. My dad told a volunteer that they could make some money in this weather opening up the cedar bucket as a dunk tank–charging people both to dunk people and to get dunked. But yeah, it’s hilarious that their arson suppression efforts are “eh, here’s a fence.”

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