You Got Something I Need

I heard these back to back on accident yesterday and decided they followed each other pretty well. I think it’s something about the rhythm that fits together nicely. I’ll also say that my opinion of Kings of Leon is not that great. But this song is so good! And I was so disappointed to learn that they’d done it, since now I’m going to have to think at least a little fondly of them for this.

Also, that first song… not until yesterday did I realize “brand new pair of roller skates” was a euphemism for her vagina. And I think we sung that song in elementary school! Was there no one to say “he has a key! A brand new key! Don’t let the children near it!!!!”?

Also on my endless drive home yesterday, I realized you can always tell a Metallica song, even if you come in during an instrumental part, because those guys love random, nonsensical key-changes.

3 thoughts on “You Got Something I Need

  1. My world has been rocked-and first thing in the morning, too. I had no idea about roller skate song. But listening to the lyrics now-oh my.

    (And I have to admit the Led Zeppelin song with the woman ‘balling all day-I thought it was ‘bawl’ until my 30’s.)

  2. Well, semi-shame on your teacher, ’cause the adults who bought the Melanie record when it was new sure knew what she was singing about, and you have to figure she did! But I guess the teacher figured it sounded childlike and would appeal on its literal level. (More disturbing: the possibility that SHE didn’t get it.)

  3. I actually had a moment when I first started listening to it where I was like “Wow, I never knew there was a dirty version of this song” and then it was like “Oh, wait. No, this is the same version we sang in school.” And then I laughed and laughed.

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