The Butcher is grouchy. It started before our parents got here, but it continues. And I’m grouchy, too. Tomorrow, I need to get my oil changed, which means getting up before the birds or being there all morning. Then I have to go meet with the artist for the children’s book and see what’s going on with that. Then I have to run to the store and get things for the 3-6 thing (but seriously, stop on by any time during that time and eat some of the cookies I’m bringing). Then dinner with folks from said event. And then home I hope.

Some things in my fiction-writer life have just been dragging on so long that I think I’ve lost the ability to feel excited about them anymore.

But you keep on keeping on. What else is there to do?

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One thought on “Stress

  1. This is a bit presumtuous of me, but I like your blog & you seem quirky enough to ask. If you’re not happy with the artist selected for your children’s book, visit my blog: I’ve been around long enough to know that this is not how it works, but “Hey–what the heck. Doesn’t hurt to ask!” Enjoyed reading your blog-notes.

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