First Correct Use of “First Annual” in History?

I was telling the Professor that I go next week to get my boobs squished for science. It’s my first annual mammogram. (Is there any word that sounds older than “mammogram”? “Ma’am”–woman older than you. “O” starts the word “old.” “Gram,” a pet name for a grandmother. You don’t even have to know what a mammogram is to know it’s for old women.) And then I thought–It is my first annual mammogram. I know many people get annoyed by “First Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest,” but I think “first annual mammogram” is right. It’s like the exception that proves you should normally use inaugural.

Oh, speaking of things that go with “inaugural,” I’m working on my October thing and I was telling the Butcher about it and I was like “And then a buzzard with the head of Abraham Lincoln shows up” and he was like “seen it.”

How is this possible?

Is there anything in pop culture the Butcher hasn’t already encountered?

One thought on “First Correct Use of “First Annual” in History?

  1. Or maybe there is nothing in pop culture that you haven’t encountered with the Butcher but given that you are only 1/3 paying attention to him/pop culture in the shared living spaces while you are writing, editing, web surfing, etc your conscious mind doesn’t know the sources of your ideas!

    Oh, maybe that’s a depressing thought since it might make you an inadvertent plagiarist. That’s not quite what I meant to be saying. Sorry. I’m posting this anyhow since I also need to comment that I thought “boob squishing for science” was an awesome phrase yesterday but today it has been surpassed by your wonderful analysis of how “mammogram” connotes nothing but old.

    I always thought is connoted messages sent via boobs – I like to picture those machines not just taking pictures but downloading the boob’s-eye-view of the world, boob gossip if you will. But then I am frustrated that the machines just store all that data – why keep that a secret!?! Until I realize that the boobs quickly shut up once the damn squishing starts.

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