Good Ideas

I am excited about stuff I can’t yet discuss. But it’s fun to talk to someone and hear good ideas and just feel like “Yep, things are happening.”

Today is my boob squish. I’m nervous but curious. They told me not to use any lotion on my boobs and I was just like “Who lotions their boobs? To what end?!” and then I remembered that, as far as most of this stuff goes, I have no idea how normal people treat their bodies. I don’t feel like touching me is like touching an elephant, either. But who knows? Maybe I am secretly dry and cracked and just haven’t bothered to notice.


6 thoughts on “Good Ideas

  1. I wonder about these things a lot and it tends to get cast as “What things am I failing to do?” because I’ve seen a looooooot of commercials over the years. I don’t actually feel bad or like a failure; that’s just how the question forms itself in my brain. Marketing!

  2. The thing about mammograms is that if properly done, they should not be painful. Annoying, yes, but a good radiology tech should not be causing you pain. And I say this as someone who is a wimp about pain, and who has had a couple of painful mammograms in her time. If you have pain, get your next one done somewhere else, because the place you went to hires substandard people.

  3. Jagosaurus, I just feel like there’s a whole canon of beauty regime stuff that everyone else just instinctively knows to do and I am completely oblivious. Then a commercial comes on and it’s like “Remove sun spots from your skin” and I’m like “Aren’t those freckles? Aren’t they cute? Is a sun spot something different?” Like there’s just whole mountains of knowledge about being a woman I just have no idea about.

  4. This is my argument for being sexually and intimately adventurous in one’s young adulthood with others who also are. We can learn better varieties of possible intimate behavior and feel less freaky or guided by film, tv, and marketing that officials avoids the details but acts like it doesn’t when we see others’ habits and have them reinforce for us that our bodies and habits aren’t entirely unique or strange or bad.

    I lotion my boobs. Not everyday but sometimes it’s just because I have too much lotion in my hands for my arms or whatever. Sometimes it’s because that skin gets a little dry too. I’ve even been known occasionally to put a little petroleum jelly on my nipples before bed alongside putting some on my dried, cracking feet. In the dry wintertime, sensitive nipples can get rough.

    But I suspect that boob lotioning would be more common on mammogram day, if women weren’t warned, because one way to deal with fear and discomfort of going to the doctor is to expend extra energy on the part(s) the doctor will particularly notice. It’s like extra good brushing and flossing before the dentist.

  5. I’ve never had my feet crack, either, that I know of. Maybe I’m just really oily, so it doesn’t occur to me to add to it?

    I did kindly pluck out a couple of long black hairs for the mammographer.

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