Just Saying

I’m not planning on having cancer tomorrow or dying of it in the future, at least not any time soon, but I want to say this here so that you can help the Butcher with it, should he need it. I want to be buried in the City Cemetery. Ideally, unembalmed in a plain box, for maximum weird and spooky noises emanating from my body as I decompose. It’s virtually impossible to be buried in the City Cemetery now, especially since I have no people in it already. I will still, should I find out death is imminent, attempt to make it happen. If I fail, stick me in the City Cemetery anyway. It might be hard to dig a grave in there under the cover of darkness, so, if you have to, cremate me and dump me in over the far wall.


2 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. Good idea, Beth, but probably more practical and lower risk to shoot your cremains over the wall in one of those mortar shell fireworks that you launch from a tube. Sure, it is illegal, but very few people ever get write up for illegal fireworks…and besides, it would be kind of pretty. Bet the Old Folks would like it too.

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