When You Can’t Do a Lot, You Do What You Can

purple afghan

This is for my cousin’s baby, due in November. These are the same squares from the Kool-aid afghan (which still sits unfinished for want of a clean sink) but with five rows instead of four. I picked these colors because that light lavender was our grandma’s favorite color and the dark purple makes it little boy-ish. I ran out of both yarns, though, so I have to go back to Haus of Yarn and hope they still have the same dye-lots. Plus, I think I’m going to connect it with gold, just to break it up a little. I want it to seem sleek and blocky, not dire.


2 thoughts on “When You Can’t Do a Lot, You Do What You Can

  1. Ooh, I like that. First glance at the photo, it lookd like the squares and the yarn were in black & white and evrything else was in color. Looking a little longer I see the purple tones, but they still seem as if they’re on another plane from the rest of the picture. Maybe it’s the heavy contrast, in color and texture, of the couch cushions (I presume) that creates this impression. I’m sure the effect is quite different in real life. I can’t quite imagine what it’ll look like with the gold.

  2. The woman at the yarn shop convinced me to go with this awesome light mint. When she put them together, I said, “Oh, Baby Hulk!” And she said “Well, I’m a DC gal, myself, but yes.”

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