I don’t have cancer! I have a fibroadenoma, which is nothing to worry about and a phyllodes tumor, which is a fast-growing tumor that can, apparently, grow to ridiculous size and, since I can’t possibly find a place that will make me a three-cup bra, I’ll probably eventually have to have it taken out. I am waiting to hear from my primary care physician about a surgical consult and we’ll go from there.


15 thoughts on “News!

  1. It’s funny how easy the “we’re still going to have to cut that thing out” news goes down when they preface it with “it’s not cancerous.”

  2. yay for magical dog pee! You should see if you can keep the tumor in a glass jar. It would go well sitting by your tarot cards & other hoodoo guru items.

  3. Such a relief, even if you still need a surgery. I second the notion about keeping the tumour in a jar. Think of all the stories it will inspire…

  4. I think it’s the ‘cat pee purse/dog pee shoe’ combo that’s magical.
    Anyway I’m so relieved(a pale imitation of your feelings, I’m sure.)
    And tumor in a jar would be so cool!

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