Broomstick Lace

Tell me if I’m biting off more than I can chew here, but I’m thinking why not send the lavender baby blanket to the family I know will get a kick out of it and making a different blanket for my cousin. A broomstick lace baby blanket. It would be my first foray into lace making of any sort. But I did a test swatch using a pen instead of a broom stick and it seems pretty easy and the results are pretty dang cool looking.

And I’m going to finish the Kool-aid afghan up tonight, for sure, so I need something to do while I’m fretting about upcoming events.

2 thoughts on “Broomstick Lace

  1. I’d never heard of broomstick lace, but now I know it’s gorgeous, thanks to you mentioning it and google. That would make a terrific baby blanket (lawyerly caveat: I know this is tedious to even say, but lots of people will insist the holes in handmade baby textiles need to be big enough not to entrap tiny fingers) and I bet your baby cousin would look adorable under it.

  2. I hope you won’t mind my presumption in offering two pointers that made a big difference for me working with lace.

    1) Your crochet looks as if you work fairly tight, which is great, but when you do lace you have to learn to work LOOSE. It should almost feel as if your work is going to fall off your needles. Keep your hands and wrists relaxed, like they are dancers instead of wrestlers. It really helps.

    2) Do the lifeline thing every ten rows with a contrasting color at first, until you really, really understand what the pattern should look like from row to row, or when you have to rip or tink, you’ll get frustrated.

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