Could This Happen Here?

One of the things I find most disheartening about the Ferguson situation is that I see a bunch of folks asking if “this” could happen here.

None of them are talking about whether a cop could shoot a kid down in the street.

I guess we’re just all assuming that could happen. So, let’s jump to the worry about whether people’s rage/grief/fear here could spiral into this kind of chaos. A kind of chaos that might affect all of us.

But I wish we dwelled longer on how to train our cops to deescalate and how to demilitarize their presence.


2 thoughts on “Could This Happen Here?

  1. There’s a reason more and more police officers, usually in smaller towns, are labeling themselves as “peace officers” instead of police; to distance themselves from the militarized force that everyone thinks of when the word “police” is uttered nowadays. It’s because people know that the police will fire at innocents (of all ages) and get away with it. It’s expected behavior. What’s not expected is people actually standing up against the perceived all-encompassing authority of the police which, outside of fairly small instances, hasn’t been seen in large populations since the 70s. In a way it’s fascinating to watch the people who actively protested in the 70’s tut-tutting and worrying about “Could it [the protests and riots] happen here?”

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