Day One of Being Alone

I read a book–Sara Harvey’s Music City, which made me cry. And I watched the dog sleep. And I decided that I’m just not up for doing an index on Project X. I still feel woozy and tired, but I’m trying really hard not to nap, because I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night.

I’m bummed that my parents are gone. Which, yes, I know, is weird. But it was nice to be spoiled and nice to feel like just remaining alive was good enough for them. I just feel like we’re all so fragile.

You’d think that having a week off would be awesome, but the truth is that, since I don’t feel up for anything, it’s just kind of blah. I finished this book and now I kind of want to go to bed.

One thought on “Day One of Being Alone

  1. I was all off schedule this last surgery, probably because it was so sudden. My recovery took a lot longer than yours will take (I hope, if not I feel really sorry for the Butcher!). I was off schedule for ages – lots of late night TV. My attention span was ridiculously short, though, so reading wasn’t a very good option at the beginning. You need to rest so your body can heal, so take it easy. Sitting outside would be good for you, though.

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