The First Day Back, a Halftime Report

I have a little pain. I think in part just because I’m moving my right arm around a lot more than I have been. I also may have just a little PTSD about the wire in my boob experience, because my co-worker asked me how it went and I just both couldn’t talk about that part and couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.

I feel overwhelmed by how behind I am.

But oh well. I guess. Something about the whole thing makes me feel like I could use a real vacation, one where I go someplace other than my house and do something other than nothing.


5 thoughts on “The First Day Back, a Halftime Report

  1. I know it’s a long shot, but I do finally have a real guest room …
    And there’s these underground gardens here that are just bizarre and fascinating, in case my company isn’t sufficient pull for a long travel day ;)

    But I’m glad you’re back at work and sorry you have to go to work. Since the tumor was benign and you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, take the work a little bit at a time. Don’t bust yourself getting all caught up quickly. None of that is worth your being too stressed or sick or overtired. As long as you’re still being the sort of boss you wish you’ve had, the rest will be fine.

  2. The Professor is right. Take it easy on getting back into work full-throttle. The work will still be there tomorrow. You still need rest to finish healing – that takes longer than you’d think.

    I, too, wish I could have traveled or done fun stuff while I was off, but that was pretty much impossible in my situation. Nice to have the time off, but couldn’t it have been fun, at least a little?

  3. Yeah, I third the “take it easy” talk. And start thinking about scheduling a real vacation for over the winter, or in the spring.

  4. I just couldn’t mention the wire when I talked about surgery. It’s not possible to prepare for it. I’m sorry. But you’re not alone.

  5. I finally figured out a way to describe it to my co-workers that seemed to get across the horror of it. It kind of feels like when you accidentally bite down on aluminum foil, that kind of weirdly electric feeling. But in unpredictable waves. I didn’t find it painful. I was actually relieved when regular pain started, because I knew how to understand that. I found it… I don’t know… I don’t have a word for how it felt except terrible.

    I think either the wire or the surgery brushed too close to a nerve, because a lot of the pain I’ve been having yesterday and today is on the left side of my boob. But when I touch where it hurts, the pain moves over to the right side, where the incision is. it’s like I’m having an optical illusion with my pain–the nerve is making the wrong place hurt until I do something that proves to the nerve that’s not where that pain actually is.

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