Two Games?

I watched the Ray Rice video, the inside the elevator footage. It’s pretty amazing. She gets in one side of the elevator. He gets in the other. She’s clearly standing away from him. He reaches over to touch her, hit her, though possibly in a playful way–I mean, if the video ended there, you’d think it was playful. She turns to confront him, approaches him, and he knocks her out. Thus recontextualizing his initial contact with her as setting up his second hit better.

That you could watch that and give him two games off is mind-boggling.

That you could watch that and then watch his girlfriend apologizing for “her role” in the incident, when her role appears to be being unfortunate enough to run into his fist and give him two games off is horrific.

I hope he doesn’t someday kill her.

But the other thing I can’t wrap my head around is how there seemed to be this assumption that the video would never get out, that they could spin what happened in the elevator however they wanted, because no one would see it. And I get how that kind of shit happened even twenty years ago, but in this day and age?

In this day and age, can you really count on your misdeeds staying buried?

7 thoughts on “Two Games?

  1. And nevermind the two game suspension. Why is this vicious person not in jail for attempted murder? can anyone argue that the punch could have possibly killed her? Fucks sake, I’m sick of this shit.

  2. Jag, I know. i wondered about the ethics of releasing the video. But, ultimately, I think it’s important for people to see that, when NFL people are anonymously telling reporters that “she provoked him” or “she spit on him” or “she hit him first and he just defended himself” or even when they just say “he hit her and she fell and hit her head” this is what they’re typifying as those things.

    Because I think he’s a genuine problem, but that cloud of people around him who are willing to try to gaslight the whole nation about what happened also need to be seen for the fuckers they are.

  3. That’s the thing: even Nicole knew if the cops did come they’d just be in under the star fucker gaze basking in the glow of The Juice. Now Rice isn’t the star football player OJ was, but he’s still an NFL player who isn’t held to the same standard. Hopefully the DA will have no choice but to prosecute since video of Rice’s fist making contact with Palmer’s face doesn’t lie.

    Sale of Rice’s jersey and all other swag should be immediately donated to domestic violence charities as well as the $500K fine initially handed down. I’m unsatisfied until this guy is in jail serving a sentence of some sort longer than a month.

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