Ten Years Ago, On a Cold, Dark Night…

Ten motherfucking years I’ve been blogging here at Tiny Cat Pants! A quarter of my life. A QUARTER OF MY LIFE! I’ve done nothing consistently that was good for me for that long, except this. I already got mushy on you this month, so I won’t again. I’ll just say that I hope our time together is as rewarding for you as it is for me. A lot of good things have come my way thanks to this here blog.

In honor of ten years, let’s listen to the weirdest, possibly least fortunate version of the best song ever.

7 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago, On a Cold, Dark Night…

  1. Congratulations and felicitations! May you always remain the weirdest, most fortunate version of yourself, the Best Person Ever, too, ma’am. ;D

  2. happy blogiversary – it has been a fun 10 years for me too
    I shall toast to you with chocolate, since I know you like that better than wine or beer.

  3. I was just thinking, hey I haven’t read TCP in awhile, and I guess I feel like I have since I read PITH, so I just decided to pop in, and it’s like an anniversary and shit. TIMING!

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