Pre-October Huddle

1. “All Heart, No Brains” starts tomorrow at 6 p.m. and will run weeknights throughout October, except for the 31st, when I hope to have a special treat for you “Allendale” fans.

2. I’ll be doing a reading from A City of Ghosts over at East Side Story on the 11th at 6, I think? Not sure about the time. I will find out.

3. It appears that “The Wolf’s Bane” aka Project X will indeed be ready for pre-order this month. We are planning a party. I will have more details about that, too.


This Dog

The thing about this dog that kills me every time it happens is that he can be so attentive. I don’t know how many times the Professor would come over and watch me yell at Mrs. Wigglebottom who was off doing whatever the hell she wanted and then help me corral her back into the house.

Sonnyboy sometimes gets the squirrel in him. Don’t get me wrong. And when he’s acting squirrelly, there’s nothing to be done with him. He won’t listen. He won’t calm down. Often when this happens, it means he has to poop. But sometimes it just means he’s being squirrelly.

But most of the time, it does seem like he really likes being around us and likes doing things that make us happy. After our walk this morning, he came in and sat by me, in hopes that I would share some of my banana with him. I ate down to the last bite and then handed it to him. He took it very carefully.

I still think he doesn’t quite trust that these good times can last. When I left on Friday, I could tell he was really stressed by it–he was panting and trying to sneak out of the house with me and just pacing. And then the Butcher said he came home to find the dog had runny poops all in my room. Which, yuck, thanks, but also, didn’t surprise me, because, like I said, he was really stressed. And he has this bone he likes a lot and we keep finding it outside. And I get the impression that he’s either afraid we’re going to start leaving him outside for hours and so he might need a bone to entertain himself or he wants to have it, in case he’s forced to leave.