My Powers are Unlimited!!!

Well, not unlimited, but I have a treat for you, dear Tiny Cat Pants, readers, all 10 of you who are still around. Oh Halloween, here on this very blog, we’re going to go back to Allendale. I have a PDF from which I am, apparently, making a “chapbook” (like a poet!). But how would you get a chapbook if you wanted to read the improved story? You don’t even necessarily live here!

And that’s when my recently acquired ability to upload a PDF to this very blog comes in handy.

“Allendale” will be the Halloween night story!


8 thoughts on “My Powers are Unlimited!!!

  1. People who want copies will be able to buy them from me or at East Side Story. I don’t know about the price yet, but probably just a little more than whatever it costs me to make them. I’ll find out tomorrow.

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