Nathan Bedford Forrest

He’s the section I’m working on tonight. I want to keep his section short, because my goal is to write about the kinds of stories about Nashville we don’t tell about Nashville, though it’d be handy if we did because some shit would make sense and there are already A LOT of really good, thoughtful books on Forrest. The world does not need my prolonged thoughts on him.

But I think you’re missing something about how Forrest worked in the Southern imagination–why he was not used effectively by the Confederacy–if you don’t see how he plugs into that “scary man in the woods who’s going to kill you” myth.

I have no idea who’s going to publish this book when I’m done. I’m not even sure what done will look like. Right now I’m just trying to vomit up a first draft so that I can see where I need to do more research. But I am really enjoying writing it.