Part 5

You should take your time naming a cat. We called Pumpkin “Pumpkin” because she came to us on Thanksgiving, a traditional time of pumpkin pie. I think I told you all how this happened. We used to keep the dog food out in the garage and we noticed that something had been getting into it. We assumed raccoons.

So, right before Thanksgiving, we brought the food into the house. Thanksgiving Eve I’m standing in my kitchen doing dishes and I hear the most ungodly pissed-off meowing from the garage. It was the cat who would eventually come to be known as Pumpkin, a scrawny mess, angry that we had stolen her food supply.

Pumpkin is a stupid name for her, though. It’s the wrong name. Her name is so obviously Squeaky that no one even uses her “real” name. She’s either “new kitty” or “Squeaky.” And that’s it.

Well, until this summer.

I’m sure you all heard about the “arsons” we had up here in Whites Creek and Joelton. Unsolved, they said. Bullshit. Of course it was a dragon. But you never heard that because the police didn’t want to admit that they spent a month trying to kill that thing without any success.

So, you never heard how it all ended either. And I’m not sure myself how she did it, but it was Squeaky. I was sitting here late one night watching TV and there was a big thud that shook the whole house. I assumed it was an accident out on the highway so I ran to the dining room window. Nothing. Traffic was passing normally.

And then I heard Squeaky, singing away as she does when she’s got something she’s proud of.

I open the front door and there, on the porch, is Squeaky, sitting next to the carcass of a small dragon. Okay, come on. It’s a cat. Let’s just be honest. The bottom half of the carcass of a small dragon.

“Look at you, Dragonslayer,” I said and that’s stuck as a second name for her.


6 thoughts on “Part 5

  1. I thought Pumpkin was the dragon. I distinctly remember discussion on that topic when she first showed up.

  2. NM, it turns out that was just camouflage that allows her to get near her prey.

    Opus, no, she’s still small. Just much meaner and smarter than the rest of us.

  3. One drawback to the serialized format is that, even though the story has started–in ways I’m really pleased with in retrospect–it’s not completely obvious. We’re still introducing everyone. Next is the orange cat, then the Butcher, then the best part in the whole damn month, and then the problem with living in a world where everyone’s a tall tale become unignorable.

  4. But what great introductions! I’m loving this.
    I have no doubt that a regular sized cat could catch and kill a dragon-if it felt like it. One of mine has tried to catch a full grown wild turkey. I had visions of her grabbing it’s tail and being lofted away as it flew off.

  5. Well, I say that’s remarkably clever of her. She fooled me into thinking of her as Pumpkin Dragon all these years, when in fact she’s Pumpkin Dragonslayer.

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