Revisiting Allendale

One October, a couple of years ago, we visited Allendale, a fictional home in Sumner County where poor George Allen met a Lovecraftian horror. In the meantime, his niece, Georgia, has annotated his account. Let’s go see what she has to say.

Allendale, again.

Great Big Boogers Made of Clay, Spooky Stories for Your Day

Man, you know, I think all I really want from life is to have enough spooky stories to tell on Halloween and to be well-known enough for telling them that I just spend all day moving from crowd to crowd, telling my spooky stories. But the internet is the next best thing, right?

So, here you go.

Here’s some stuff that I’ve written that has been actually published.

Here’s “All Heart, No Brains” in reverse order.

Here’s last year’s witches, including the crowd favorite “Bad Maddy.”

The two years that became A City of Ghosts. One and the other.

And last, but considering what’s supposed to happen this evening, if I’ve got everything set up correctly, “Allendale.”

Just a reminder, in case you’ve forgotten, the new and improved version of “Allendale” is going to appear (I hope) tonight at 6 p.m. as a treat for readers of Tiny Cat Pants. I’m also picking up the chapbook version from the printer this afternoon. If you read it and want a print copy, it’ll be $4 and you’ll be able to get it at East Side Story, where he charges sales tax and does things that keep the government off his back. If you are not able to go to East Side Story and get a copy, I’ll send you one. For free. This offer only being good to Tiny Cat Pants readers. How will I know you’re really a Tiny Cat Pants reader? If you’ve read far enough along to learn that you just need to email me your address and you’ve read well enough to figure out how to do that (hint, bottom right), that’s proof enough. I don’t  have an infinite number of copies, so consider this offer good only for as long as I have copies after supplying East Side Story.

The online version of the new and improved “Allendale” will be coming down after a week, so enjoy for all it’s worth while you can.

Okay, I think that’s everything. WooooooOOOOOoooooooo.