I Did Not Have a Good Day

I had a very stressful morning. And then I had my yearly physical. Which I kind of flunked while they waited around to see if I was having a heart attack.

Turns out my heart is fine and, if you leave me in a quiet room to breathe deeply for a half an hour, my blood pressure will go back down into the range people can live with.

I wanted to come home to vent to the Butcher, but he’s not here. So I guess I’m going to have some dinner and cry quietly on the couch.


5 thoughts on “I Did Not Have a Good Day

  1. Ugh. I have had to do the calm down in the quiet room thing too. Turns out if you sometimes have panic attacks before doctor visits it can interfere with the blood pressure reading…who knew? My doctor’s nurse takes mine in the lobby before I leave because I am such a special snow flake.

    Which is to say I understand where you’re coming from on the doctor visit. Hope you have a quiet, calm evening.

  2. What SG said. Very glad your heart is fine and strong, and I hope the dog took you for a relaxing Trans Am ride tonight.

    There was a huge, lovely, witchy halo waay out around a very bright moon tonight up here, in a cold, mostly clear sky. It looked important or significant. I wish I could send you a picture of it.

  3. Mine won’t go down as long as I’m at the doctor’s office. The only time it’s been in normal range in front of a health care professional in the last 5 years was the time I sat in the waiting room for three hours before going in and had passed through rage to the resignation phase of the wait.

    I had to come to an agreement with my doctor that involved me getting an at-home machine. So long as I check it regularly and tell them it’s in normal range they take my word for it. Though from time to time I get a new nurse who freaks out a little.

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