“I mingled with them, and distinctly remember hearing one lady say she had a good-bye kiss from the General, and she should not wash it off for a month. Oh! what a noise there was! A parrot, which had been brought up a democrat, was hurraing for Jackson, and the clapping, shouting, and waving of handkerchiefs have seldom been equaled.”–Life of Andrew Jackson by James Parton


2 thoughts on “A Parrot

  1. Y’all, it appears to be possible that this is Jackson’s own parrot.


    I don’t know how I escaped knowing that Jackson had a cussing parrot–I mean my god, why did it attend his funeral?!?! I have to think that, if they thought enough of it to take it to Jackson’s funeral, they probably took it downtown to see him off to Washington, right? But how does one bring up a parrot to be a democrat? Is it the cussing? Whig parrots never take the Lord’s name in vain?–but I am delighted to know he did.

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