Didn’t I Used to be Not Busy?

On our walk this morning, I worked some things out about the chapter I’m working on now. And I’m starting to wonder, just for marketing purposes, if I shouldn’t call the book “Nashvillains” instead.

I’m also wondering if I should have a little section at the end of each chapter with where to go to see anything of the people I’m talking about, if there’s anything left to see. Kind of like a tour guide piggybacked on a history book?

But I have not really been writing for a few days. I’ve had some nice evenings to myself, but I’ve been so stressed I’ve spent them playing Civilization instead.

Still, also, on our walk this morning, the dog tried to sneak a hot dog bun out of the garbage back by the fire. It somehow ended up stuck to his foot. So much for sneaking. I laughed so hard. But he’s good-natured, so he wasn’t embarrassed or anything. Sometimes you get a hotdog bun stuck to your foot. You just have to roll with it.


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