The Bear Hat

Clearly, if I can figure out how to pull this off for adults, you can understand why it would be popular.bear hat


Bear Hats for Everyone!

My brother sent me a picture of a crocheted bear hat and asked me if I could make one for my niece. Over the weekend, I worked it up. Then the Butcher laughed at me because it was so big. So, I’m now making another one, in a smaller size, for the niece.

But my mom wants one and FOB (friend-of-blog) HFM (hunky-fireman) Sam wants one, so I’m trying to figure out how to take a pattern for a toddler and up it to an adult.

On my walk this morning, I had a thought. Couldn’t I just get some really chunky wool yarn and my big hood and follow the pattern pretty exactly otherwise? I mean, I might have to add a couple of rows, but nothing like trying to go from baby head to adult head.

I think that’s what I’m going to do. Plus, a wool hat for Midwesterners? They’ll love it.