Bear Hats for Everyone!

My brother sent me a picture of a crocheted bear hat and asked me if I could make one for my niece. Over the weekend, I worked it up. Then the Butcher laughed at me because it was so big. So, I’m now making another one, in a smaller size, for the niece.

But my mom wants one and FOB (friend-of-blog) HFM (hunky-fireman) Sam wants one, so I’m trying to figure out how to take a pattern for a toddler and up it to an adult.

On my walk this morning, I had a thought. Couldn’t I just get some really chunky wool yarn and my big hood and follow the pattern pretty exactly otherwise? I mean, I might have to add a couple of rows, but nothing like trying to go from baby head to adult head.

I think that’s what I’m going to do. Plus, a wool hat for Midwesterners? They’ll love it.


3 thoughts on “Bear Hats for Everyone!

  1. I’m rubbing my hands in anticipatory glee. B.’s bear hat! B.’s bear hat! I’m going to sit in the firehouse and wear it while reading a copy of your latest book. I will be completely awesome.

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