–The glass on the oven door exploded while the Butcher was laying on the couch, sick. So, we’ll have to figure out how to deal with that and do so.

–I saw an old friend at lunch, someone I hadn’t seen for ages, and it was good, but also a little sad.

–I finished the bear hat for my niece except for the eyes, which I’m hoping to do a little different than I did for the first hat. I’d really like to find buttons with big enough eyes that I can use yarn, not thread, to connect them.

–Last night, the dog got a potato out of the bag and carried it around in his mouth all evening. Occasionally, he set it down on me, but mostly, he just carried it around. Eventually, I threw it out.

–And this morning, on our walk, he found a cup of apple sauce. I’m not sure where. I was just thinking my own thoughts when I looked down and there he was, carrying a cup of apple sauce.


2 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I’m with NM-maybe he was thinking so hard about how to bake his potato that the glass just shattered. At least he was just carrying it-google “I has a sweet potato” for another potato story.

    My two decided that potatoes were fun toys one Friday when they were younger. I came home to 3-4 tooth pocked potatoes in the yard. Since they were part of my weekend food plans(and since I’m 20 minutes one way from a grocery store) I ended up having to cut around the tooth holes. Not fun but faster than driving.

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