Sarah Clark

A while ago, I read Kathryn Tucker Windham‘s take on the Harpe brothers, in which she mentions, in passing, that Big Harpe’s skull had eventually been absconded with by a Kentucky witch, so that she could cure her nephew. I feel like you can’t help but wonder about a woman like that, what would drive her to go touch the rotting remains of a guy everyone in Kentucky hated.

So, I wrote a story about her. I picked “Clark” as a last name because there are a couple of roads just north of Dixon–Guy Clark Road and Choice Clark Road–that indicate that people named Clark live there. Plus, if the Harpes had some victims in the area, it would more satisfactorily explain why his head was put where it was. I suspect the truth of the matter was that 41A just had more traffic 200 years ago, so they put the skull where they thought the most people could see it.

Anyway, that story is published! And you can read it. I hope you like it.


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