Every Damn Year

I feel so low right about now and every damn year I’m surprised by it. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. This week has been so long. I’m having lunch with a friend of my mom’s tomorrow. I don’t know why. I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me. She knew my mom in grade school.

But I guess she’s in town for some medical tests and who wants to come to a strange city alone for medial tests and have no one to have lunch with? I sure as fuck wouldn’t.

So, that’s why I said yes.

I just feel like this time of year is the time of year when the things we want from each other and the things we’re capable of actually doing for each other stand in stark contrast, bleak contrast, to each other and it makes me sad.

2 thoughts on “Every Damn Year

  1. B., I’m not trying to trivialize your feelings, but what you’re describing is very common. It explains for me why the ‘Festivus’ episode of Seinfeld resonates with so many people. As I just discovered, Frank Costanza’s maniacal invention was apparently based on a real family tradition of one of the show’s writers. I like it much better than Christmas.

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