I Have Hopes

I hope the Butcher is spending the last day of his vacation doing some cleaning or I’m going to end up spending the first day of my vacation doing all the cleaning. That will not make me happy.

But, in related news, I’m about to have a week off.

In unrelated news, I ate too much for lunch and now I am full and happy.

I don’t quite like how my short story has shaped up, but at least it has a shape. It’s funny. This writing stuff never gets easier. Like, you never just spit out a story that is wholly perfect. Each one, at least in the first draft, fails in some new and spectacular way.

My writing lately even has me wondering if now might be the time when I go make my peace with Hemingway. My sentences have become so ungodly, just full of commas and parenthetical asides and dashes and, well, anyway, I could use some practice writing simple, straightforward sentences that pack a punch.


One thought on “I Have Hopes

  1. You could try one story on a punctuation diet? (I will not say “no commas”, but maybe “one comma per sentence, periods, quotation marks. Nothing else.”)

    I’m not saying it’s easy; I’m truly not. But I am adjective-prone, and I wrote one story without adjectives, and it was like pulling teeth, but it was a brain-stretching work and I think it helped me figure some stuff out.

    (Like that I am overfond of adjectives and adverbs. But still.)

    Wishing best with writing, either way. :)

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