Suspect Zero or, Perhaps, Another Movie

Last night, while I was tucking tails, I thought I was rewatching Suspect Zero, which is a supernatural suspense movie starring Ben Kingsley, that chick from The Matrix, and that guy who looks better scruffy, but they never let him just all the time dress like a long-haired biker.

Now, it’s been some time since I thought I first saw this, so I was unsurprised to find that I didn’t quite remember some parts–like the whole deal with the mask. But other parts–like the creepy truck and the misdirect with the guy at the fair were just as fresh as they were, ostensibly, the first time I saw it.

So, kind of, spoiler alert for this next part (for reasons that will be clear in a minute).

At this point–the misdirect with the guy at the fair–I start watching really closely to see if I can tell this time that Ben Kingsley’s character is dead. Because I am certain that, in the version I saw, once Ben Kinglsey’s character’s visions narrow down and certain up to the point where hot-biker-dude-who-never-gets-to-play-a-biker is definitely going to find Suspect Zero, Kinglsey’s character offs himself and his ghost provides guidance to the hero and then we get the reveal at the end that he’s been dead this whole time. Kind of The Sixth Sense, but in a sadder way, because it suggests death isn’t the relief Ben Kingley’s character thought it would be.

Folks, that’s not remotely how the movie ends.

So, where the fuck did my alternate ending come from? Is there another movie out there like it and I just conflated the two? Am I from some alternate world where that’s how the movie goes and I fell into this realm because your Betsy is off making out with Ourselves in some third parallel universe? I don’t know. But it’s strange as fuck.

For what it’s worth, I did think this version was more logically consistent, but I was bummed to miss out on a ghost.


Never the Same Walk Twice

I spent the past two days basically parked on the couch at my house doing nothing. Well, not nothing. I got a bunch of stuff done and took a couple of nice walks with the dog. But I really needed some time when I wasn’t obliged to anyone for anything and no one wanted to talk to me or interact with me in any way and here it was!

I’m finally feeling refreshed after a week off!

But the thing I thought was funny is that my walk this morning felt great. I think that’s one of the things I find strangest and yet most fascinating about my body (or any body, I guess, but I’m not hanging out in yours. Yet.) is how I can do the same thing over and over and over again and sometimes it royally sucks, like I can’t even catch my breath getting up the hill and sometimes it’s like today where we just walk it out like it’s no big deal and I come home feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Like, oh, yeah, this is why I do this. It’s often very pleasant.

I also don’t want to jinx myself because lord knows he can be a pill but can I just say, too, how nice it is to have a dog who walks so easily? And who would have ever thought I’d have said that a year ago?