Suspect Zero or, Perhaps, Another Movie

Last night, while I was tucking tails, I thought I was rewatching Suspect Zero, which is a supernatural suspense movie starring Ben Kingsley, that chick from The Matrix, and that guy who looks better scruffy, but they never let him just all the time dress like a long-haired biker.

Now, it’s been some time since I thought I first saw this, so I was unsurprised to find that I didn’t quite remember some parts–like the whole deal with the mask. But other parts–like the creepy truck and the misdirect with the guy at the fair were just as fresh as they were, ostensibly, the first time I saw it.

So, kind of, spoiler alert for this next part (for reasons that will be clear in a minute).

At this point–the misdirect with the guy at the fair–I start watching really closely to see if I can tell this time that Ben Kingsley’s character is dead. Because I am certain that, in the version I saw, once Ben Kinglsey’s character’s visions narrow down and certain up to the point where hot-biker-dude-who-never-gets-to-play-a-biker is definitely going to find Suspect Zero, Kinglsey’s character offs himself and his ghost provides guidance to the hero and then we get the reveal at the end that he’s been dead this whole time. Kind of The Sixth Sense, but in a sadder way, because it suggests death isn’t the relief Ben Kingley’s character thought it would be.

Folks, that’s not remotely how the movie ends.

So, where the fuck did my alternate ending come from? Is there another movie out there like it and I just conflated the two? Am I from some alternate world where that’s how the movie goes and I fell into this realm because your Betsy is off making out with Ourselves in some third parallel universe? I don’t know. But it’s strange as fuck.

For what it’s worth, I did think this version was more logically consistent, but I was bummed to miss out on a ghost.


5 thoughts on “Suspect Zero or, Perhaps, Another Movie

  1. Did you possibly dream the version you were remembering? I have dreamed an album, a couple of video games, and the perfect English-Russian dictionary. Maybe you dreamed an inconsistent movie.

  2. I had a similar experience this holiday season. I re-watched “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” for the first time in many years. It had changed! My mother, my daughter, me — we all remember Hermie pulling Bumble’s sore tooth which was why he was mean and that made him nice. But that isn’t how the movie goes anymore. It was disturbing.

  3. God damn it, Elias. That was a whole lunch hour I’m never going to get back AND the Berenstain Bears thing is freaking me the fuck out! Consider me just a walking heebie jeebie.

  4. Weird stuff. I knew it was berenstein bears, but had my recollection refreshed since my own childhood from reading the books to my son.

    However, I was 100% certain that I read that the tianamen square tank man was crushed to death by the tanks as soon as the photographers were dragged away. A bunch of people on that site remember seeing live video of him being crushed as well. I don’t remember that, but Lordy, I was certain he’d been killed immediately after the famous pictures were taken. You guys?

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