Stories are Changing

Look at this! It makes me feel so old-fashioned and inadequate. It’s just so.. ugh… if it were a person, I would pinch its cheeks.


I Can See It!

I’m wearing my new contacts today and the very first thing I noticed is that I can see my blind spot! It’s not as bad as I’d feared, but it’s basically like a small, dark crescent in my line of vision. I can still see the things that are there, they’re just dimmer than the surrounding stuff. I don’t know if this means that the vision isn’t 100% gone or if my eye just darts around enough to compensate.

But it’s cool.

Well, and upsetting, but mostly cool.

The Dog Has Gotten Smarter

Today on our walk, I thought he bent down and picked something up, but then there was no chewing so I shrugged it off. A quarter of a walk later, he set it down–a foil hamburger wrapper. He really wanted to get the cheese off it.

I can’t imagine walking all that way with a ball of foil in your mouth. That must have felt and tasted so weird. But, I guess, when there’s cheese involved, a man does what a man must do.

I stepped on the wrapper, hid it under my heel. He sniffed around for it a while and then looked up at me and smiled. “Hey, that’s weird. That thing is just gone!”

And then he ran off to eat some cat poop.

So, I guess that’s a win?