The Afghan that Never Ends

I am piecing it together. I can’t quite believe it.

Also, in my story, the narrator’s husband did such a dick thing that I’m kind of in awe. I’m having to take a break to decide if I’m going to leave it in or if my story is now on a totally different track.


2 thoughts on “The Afghan that Never Ends

  1. I always have a loose structure for where a book is going. Characters can surprise me in small ways and I’m happy to go with that, but, with a book, I try to know everyone well enough before we get started that there aren’t any major, book-ending surprises.

    But with a story, I do kind of write to see what would happen. So with this story, I was like “So, what would happen if a woman challenged a beaver to a dam building contest?” but right up front, once I got in the head of my character, once I figured out why she would do this, I knew she’d know she’d lose even before she got started. So, then I wondered why she’d do it anyway.

    What I realized this morning on my walk is that the problem with the story isn’t that her ex-husband did this dick thing, it’s that, until the events of this story, my protagonist would have been right there with him, doing these same kinds of dick things. Something about this contest, that she’s knows she’s going to lose, changes her.

    I haven’t yet figured out why. It won’t really work for me as a story until then, but I was glad that her ex doing something that surprised me helped me see the big hole in the story so far.

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