This morning I walked the dog and I kept thinking, “I need to pull my phone out and see how cold this is so that I can make a vow to never walk when it’s this cold again. This is officially too cold to walk the dog.” But it was too cold to pull my hands out and mess with my phone. By the time I got back to the house, it was 25 degrees. So, at the least, I guess I can say that too cold is below that somewhere, not very far.

Of course, the problem is this: if you decide that’s too cold, instead of the dog deciding, will the dog poop on the floor in retribution?

And he was running around like it was the best morning ever. I think we even played a game, which, if you’ve been reading a while, you know is almost as remarkable as the day he learned to run. But I do think we were playing a game. He ran way off ahead of me in a big arc and then stopped in front of me, but a way off. Then he kind of got down in a play pose and waited. When I got near to him, he took off in a big arc again. This was, apparently, the best game ever.

And the moon was so big and low that I mistook it for a streetlight.

It’s too cold, but who wants to miss out on stuff like that?


4 thoughts on “Twenty-five

  1. I think anything in the 20s is generally terrible. Sorry you had to be out in it, but I’m glad Sonnyboy liked it enough to play?

    It was three degrees when I drove to work this morning. Tonight it’s snowing these fine itty bitty flakes, but so fast and furiously, it’s like Satan is sifting powdered sugar on your head, trying to bury you. Four to eight inches forecast.

    All the “real Central Illinois people” (sic, that’s what they’re calling themselves, three separate groups) are making fun of those of us who do not like driving in this Sucrotic Hell and who wish that school and work would go ahead and cancel already.

  2. Kristin, I find this forecast terrifying because the longer my garage stays below freezing, the more likely I’m going to have to replace the water heater or the washer or both again. I swear, when I have to replace my HVAC unit, I’m going to have them heat the garage. Not up to living room temperatures, but just so it’s always at least 40 in there. Even if it cost me $2000 more dollars, that’s what I’ve spent on fucked appliances and busted pipes already.

    Now there are “real Central Illinois people”?! I must apologize for the tendency of Midwesterners to kind of be snide assholes when it’s least helpful..

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