Update on that Dog

It came back last week and I contacted Animal Control through their online form. It came back this morning and I have again contacted Animal Control. My heart cannot handle watching how animals people drop off out here end up.

I feel so helpless, but that dog is just not safe to approach and I don’t want to feed him because he’s not safe to have near the house.

But he’s in really bad shape. The Butcher saw him this morning, though, and said he looked like he’s put on a little weight, so maybe someone’s feeding him? Ugh. Fuck.


2 thoughts on “Update on that Dog

  1. I’m sorry for you and I’m even sorrier for the dog. But you’ve done what you can.
    As for people who dump animals-I live really rural, so the person(s?) who dumps 6- 8 week old puppies every few years has to intend for them to die a miserable death. I take the ones I find to animal control, but I wonder how many I miss.

  2. Yeah, I was saying to the Butcher that they ought to force people who neglect animals to watch footage of how they end up while Sarah McLaughlin sings, but he said the sick part is that they know this is what happens and it doesn’t bother them. So, seeing it wouldn’t bother them either.

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