You Might Find a Possum God in a Possum Kingdom, Perhaps?

This story from this month’s Apex Magazine is a-ma-zing. Flat out.


7 thoughts on “You Might Find a Possum God in a Possum Kingdom, Perhaps?

  1. I like possums in all their horrible looking cuteness.(Somewhere on CuteOverload is a baby possum with a pink bow on it’s head. Adorable!) The tiredness of having to clean up the same mess time and again resonated-I’m going to have to read it again. It’s that echo I get from some of your stories.

  2. Yeah, I thought Aunt B’s Devil would have tried a sexier persuading and not ended with a fish hook in his hand. I liked the cloven hooves, though.

  3. It was a true marvel, thank you for linking.

    I agree with the folks up thread that I like your devil better (and your gentleman knows women better, and knows how to talk to us better, yes ma’am). Maggie is…practical. Which is what your magic workers are. And what they ought to be, it seems.

    I liked Death. I could see her as if this was illustrated as a Sandman universe story.

  4. You guys’ love for my devil is really making me hope that Project X happens and that you guys can read it. He’s such a delightful, terrible, fucker in it.

    But, yeah, I’m pretty sure that evil, everyday evil, is seductive, not brutal. Most of us can steel ourselves against shocking brutality. If the Devil really is a formidable opponent, he doesn’t start out brutal. Not that he doesn’t end up there, but I just don’t think he starts there.

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