You guys, I’m having such a nice day that I’m afraid I’m really boring. Nothing perturbs me. No deadlines weigh heavily on me. No one has annoyed me. I have nothing to blog about, except that blogging also makes me happy, so why not continue the awesomeness of my day?

It’s funny how you can just have a down day and not thing anything of it, but I’m having an up day, just in a good mood, and there’s no reason. Still, I’m going to roll with it.

Beyond, Behind, Below

I realized this when I was walking yesterday (oh, hell no, I didn’t walk this morning!): “Beyond, Behind, Below” is the story that I always think about when I’m walking this time of year–when it’s cold and the grass sparkles as the first light hits it, when I’m alone for most of the walk, because it’s too early for cars. I just always have this sense that something could happen–a man could emerge from the mist–and, in this weather, I just wouldn’t be surprised.