I’m Having “An Incipient Event”

I’m putting “Getting a giant Q-tip repeatedly poked in my eye” near the top of my list of unpleasant, though not terrible, experiences. My poor eye today feels like… well, like someone spent an afternoon poking a giant Q-tip around in it.

But the long and short of it is that “something” is happening. You don’t see blue flashes for no reason. But my retina is attached as of right now. So, they’re going to see me again in six weeks, and I’m supposed to come in before then if I see more flashes or something strange and different other than that.

I didn’t see the guy I saw last year (though I’ll see him at the next appointment), but this guy said that, even in a “special case” like mine–really thin retinas with scarring–he thought I was young to have a tear yet. So, from his mouth to my retina’s ear.

I am bummed. Not horribly depressed or anything, but it just feels like it’s been a long time of one medical thing after another, which have all turned out to be nothing. But still going through them is pretty grueling.


5 thoughts on “I’m Having “An Incipient Event”

  1. Nope, I have extremely near sighted eyes, legally blind in one, and the stress that puts on your retinas means that you can have a tear young. I’ve got a friend with a family history of retina issues that had a major tear in her early 20’s. So always get checked, even if it turns out that it is just some weird mucus film on the back of your eye (seriously, that happened to me, and they kept saying that a retina tear “looked like a curtain closing across the eye” and I’m like,”yes, I have lost vision in the right of my eye and it gradually spread across as the morning progressed” and they were like “nope, mucus+blind spot we already know about from other issue”)

    Though the surgeon’s staff told me after he left that they would have come in immediately too.

  2. Rebecca, I know this is kind of corny to say, but thanks for sharing. Every time I go into my eye doctor, she’s like “You’re one of three patients I have who is really blind without her contacts, and not just saying so” and it’s my near-sightedness and the histoplasmosis scars that are putting a lot of stress on my retinas.

    I felt a little yesterday like “Why did I even bother to go in?” but you’ve reminded me that, even if there’s not something they can do, they do need to see what weird thing is going on in there.

    But, I swear, that Q-tip thing! I feel like the inside of my eyelid is rug-burned!

  3. I’m glad to see that your retina is still attached although I know that feeling of wishing that ‘something would happen already!’ Having dealt with chronic health issues for 25+ years, the waiting seems like the worst part of it all. Best of luck.

  4. man, I’m going to say some sort of chant to my ancestors who gifted me great genetics. I have great eyesight and I too often take it for granted. Speedy healing your way, B! Let me know if I can help you (drive you?) in any way.

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