Mind Blown

Today on Twitter I saw a pie chart that shows what Americans think the racial make-up of our country is–about a quarter black, a quarter Hispanic, and a little less than a quarter white (roughly)–versus what it actually is–not a white minority, by any stretch.

And someone had commented something about the “wisdom of crowds.”

I laughed, but, yeah, the crowd isn’t wiser than individuals just based on some great crowd magic.

2 thoughts on “Mind Blown

  1. I wouldn’t have thought that the US was still 74% white. Of course, I live in a largely Hispanic area so my perception may be skewed by that. I *thought* I heard a statistic not too long ago that said whites are now a minority as compared to all other groups (there are more “others” of any kind than whites) so my graph would show 49% white and divide the others out with Hispanics being the most.

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