I really find it weird that I upset people. Well, maybe I don’t find it that weird. I guess I just thought that provoking people would, you know, involve deliberately trying to upset people, rather than just saying what I think.

I don’t think that the things I think are that special or weird. I don’t experience myself as some weirdo, I guess.

So, it’s weird. I mean, I know I’m in a minority in Tennessee, but I don’t think it’s a minority of one.

But anyway, I just can’t see how standing against a swingers club is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Kookoo

  1. As a Unitarian Universalist, I am amused for our parking lots to be in the list that includes “Lipstick Lounge” and “swinger’s club.” Look out, people! Your kids might grow up to…discuss comparative religion and run voter registration drives!

  2. Well, a woman who talks about sex like it’s a good thing is just weird, you know. (Or you’ve been coerced by your boyfriend/husband. But what about the women coerced into vanilla sex when they’d like to try something different? )
    Or maybe it’s that you speak up on a variety of interesting things-Civil War photos to swinger’s clubs- instead of what’s trending?

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