Seeing the Square


The other cool thing about this picture is that you can really see how a granny square, at least one of mine, comes together. I chained 4 and slip-stitched them together, then I chained three to make my first stitch of the round. That stitch tends to look just a little different than the other stitches. If you’re ever trying to figure out how something was crocheted, learning to identify that starting stitch can be really helpful. Here, in the red circle, you can see how that starting chain-3 stitch looks more like a braid than a twist. You can also sometimes tell up at the top, where the blue circle is, because it doesn’t seem to quite come together. But, depending on the yarn, this isn’t always true. The furrier yarn just southwest of the square we’re looking at hides its starting point almost completely.


3 thoughts on “Seeing the Square

  1. I like the explaination-it’s been ages since I did a granny square. I need to pull out the ones I did and look at them.

    And if that afghan is as squishy and comfortable as it looks, I don’t know how you’re keeping the cats off. At my house I suspect there’d be cats hanging off it and mewing pitifully everytime I picked it up.

  2. My cats are lazy and insolent, so I have the afghan kind of halfway stuffed into a paper bag in a box. Anyone who steps on it is met with massive shifting and weird crunchy noises. For now, that’s dissuaded them. But I do need to finish it before they wise up or it’ll be covered in cats.

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